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Cyber Governance for Boards

Cyber risks are on the Board agenda ! As Board member you are accountable your organisationt's business continuity. Boards are to report cyber plans, cyber incidents and cyber risks to their national bodies. Cyber regulations such as NIS2 (Network and Informations Systems version 2) for the EU or NIST Cyber Security Executive Order (National Institute for Science and Technology) for the US are put in place. Governments are more and more vigilant about increasing cyber risks and are enforcing organisations to be compliant.

According to the World Economic Forum cyber risks ranks within the top-10 societal risks and will remain there for at least the next decade. The increasing use of technology in business and society further amplifies these risks and thus an ever increasing cyber arms race is taking shape.

Cyber4Ce has developed a model based on their expertise to shape your cyber governance in a lean and effective way and can facilitate this its implementation and operational aspects so that cyber risks are minimised and business continuity is maximised.

Cyber Guidance for C-level

You as a CEO, CFO, COO, etc. ... want value for money, want to understand what you buy and how fast and good it will be implemented. This is even more so for cyber security. C-level executives are concerned about for the business continuity of their organisation on a day-to-day basis. You are setting the overall cyber resilience strategy for your organisation, allocating resources to realise this strategy and ensuring that the required policies and processes are in place to protect your organisation's assets and data.

Cyber4Ce just focuses on this, i.e. setting the strategic cyber resilience direction and helping you as leadership to improve your organisation's cyber resilience at a cost and approach that your organisation whilst minimising the cyber risks.

Cyber4Ce can even go further and helping you to manage the Cyber Resilience Program of your organisation.

Cyber Resilience Review

You want to understand what risks your business runs in terms of cyber, how compliant you are to the existing and future regulations such as NIS2 or such standards such as ISO2700X or NIST. And what is required in terms of budget timing, resources and governance to improve your cyber security posture.

Cyber4Ce has developed a pragmatic approach to assess through a Cyber4Ce Resilience Quick-scan where you are in terms in cyber risks and how to mitigate these to the required cyber resilience level.

According to the size and complexity of your organisation the Cyber4Ce Resilience Quick-scan takes between 5 and 10 mandays and is delivered at a fixed price that is a function of your organisation's size and complexity.


Cyber Resilience Improvement lan

A Cyber Resilience Improvement Plan is crucial to help your organisation prepare for, withstand and recover from cyber attacks or any other cyber security incident. This plan outlines strategies and procedures for identifying and mitigating potential threats as well as for responding to and recovering from cyber security incidents. Being prepared results in your organisation being able to either avoid cyber security incidents or minimise their impact on your organisation and its customers, their financial impact and the reputational damage.

Cyber4Ce helps your organisation to lift it up to the required cyber resilience level by either by focusing on the project/program management or by taking end-to-end responsibility of your Cyber Resilience Improvement Plan with the help of the Cyber4Ce technical experts. Cyber4Ce uses a risk based approach and takes into account your legal and regulatory framework. 


Either you are too small to have a full-time CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) on board your or you need a short-term solution to improve your Cyber Resilience Improvement Plan.

Cyber4Ce can help your organisation either part-time or full-time in this endeavour and can tap on a team of experienced CISO's who can quickly jump in.

CISO Mentoring
You have a CISO in place but he or she needs an extra sounding board to bring his or her message to the team or the C-level executives, to get guidance on what are the best practices and how to implement them;

All Cyber4Ce consultants have extensive cyber management experience and understand how to support and coach your CISO.