Your Resilience. Our Care !

Cyber resilience becomes more and more a right to operate safely and securely in an ever increasing digital world.

We can help you to bring and maintain your Cyber Resilience to and at the right level in a way you as a C-level you understand where you are and where you will be.

Cyber Resilience for Boards

As board member you are concerned with the continuity of your business activities. Regulations introduced by the SEC and such as NIS2 are imposing stringent responsibilities for board composition and board competences.

Cyber Resilience Guidance for C-level

As C-level you do not want to worry about your cyber risk posture, but you are. Let's make Cyber plain and simple and in line with what your business needs.

Cyber Resilience Review

A quick an simple review of where you stand with you cyber resilience against industry standards, regulations and risk appetite of your business environment. What are these risks, to what level you want to mitigate them and what this will take in terms of timing and budget.

Cyber Resilience Improvement Program

An encompassing fast-track program that will increase your cyber resilience to the appropriate level.


Part-time or full-time support of a CISO to bring and keep your organisation at the required cyber resilience level.

CISO Mentoring

As cyber security complexity is ever increasing, an external sounding board for your CISO is not a luxury in order  that your CISO stays up-to-date on what is happening in the cyber universe.